Is there multiplayer in I am Fish

I am Fish is the sequel to I am Bread, though not directly related. Bossa Studios have created another wacky and highly entertaining game, one where you play as a group of fish trying to reconnect in the ocean. This type of game is always better with friends, so you may be wondering if it […]

All achievements in I am Fish

I am Fish is a wacky and thrilling adventure game where you play as fish. Your goal is to reunite with your friends in the ocean after having been separated from the pet store. One of the best parts of playing games is earning in-game achievements. I am Fish has 29 achievements that can be […]

How to fix I am Fish Xbox Press Any Buttons Error

Those looking to experience the joys of aquatic life will be delighted in the recently released I am Fish. Unfortunately for some, this fun is being spoiled by an irritating bug. This bug only seems to occur on Xbox and specifically with Xbox controllers. At the title screen, you are asked to press any button. […]