How to get composites in Icarus

There are many resources to find and craft in the multiplayer survival game Icarus. These resources will ultimately be what keeps you alive on this hostile planet. One such resource that will come in handy is composites. You may be wondering how to get composites. To get composites in Icarus, you must go through a […]

How to repair items in Icarus

Icarus is a multiplayer survival game where players land on a dangerous planet and must complete their mission within a certain amount of time. During this time, they will need to explore, survive, and craft tools. Unfortunately for the player, their tools will eventually break down and need to be repaired. Repairing items in Icarus […]

How to craft a bedroll in Icarus

The multiplayer survival game Icarus pulls a lot of features from other games in this genre while also implementing new features. One that players will be familiar with is setting spawn points. But to do this, players will need to craft either a bedroll or a wooden bed in Icarus. You might be wondering how […]

How to abandon a prospect in Icarus

In Icarus, players take on the role of prospectors and go down to the planet to complete missions. These are called prospects and each one has a set of objectives and a time to complete them. But sometimes these missions are more daunting than the player thought and can’t be completed. Players may be wondering […]

How to use the dropbox on the ship in Icarus

Icarus is a survival game with a multiplayer aspect. Each player drops down from orbit in a dropship and is tasked with surviving. As they do so, they will explore and craft numerous items to complete their mission. One feature the player may notice is that they can bring back items on their dropship through […]