Best Minecraft Skin Makers

When playing Minecraft, players have an infinite number of choices for gameplay. With an open-ended crafting and building system, players are free to build and create whatever they desire. One way that Minecraft allows players to customize their gameplay experience is through their character skin. While playing as the default Steve is a valid way […]

How to Install Minecraft OptiFine for 1.18 (2022)

OptiFine has been around for years as the primary way to make Minecraft look amazing and realistic instead of blocky. It adds better functionality to the way the game renders, which allows for better texture packs and shaders. How to Install Minecraft OptiFine OptiFine is a third-party software separate from the core Minecraft game. This […]

Best Minecraft Builds

With Minecraft being around for over a decade, players have dedicated from hours to months to years of their lives to create some of the most impressive builds around. These aren’t just outstanding castle or house designs. Instead, these creations are colossal works of art, pushing the bounds of what Mojang produced. Notre-Dame-de-Paris Created by […]

Best Minecraft PE Texture Packs

Texture packs are one of the main ways that players can change the look and aesthetic of their game within Minecraft outside of shaders. While shaders provide a beautiful lens through which you can view your world, they don’t actually change what textures are being used on each item. Instead, they specifically affect the lighting […]

Best Minecraft Cracked Servers

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and for many playing it, no matter what, is the priority. That’s where Cracked Minecraft comes in. Cracked Minecraft is an unofficial copy of Minecraft which was not purchased or published by Mojang or Microsoft. If you’re a Minecraft Cracked player, you can’t play […]