How to Make All Rails and Minecarts in Minecraft

We’re going for a ride on the rails in this guide. Rails and Minecarts have been in Minecraft since the beginning, but crafting them isn’t exactly intuitive, so many players need help with the layout. Most of them follow the same basic guideline, but small changes need to be added to make specific types of Rails […]

How to Make an Automatic Pumpkin / Melon Farm in Minecraft

Pumpkins and Melons were added to Minecraft back in Beta before it was even officially released. Since very early on (think back to when Redstone was first released), players have been trying to find easy, efficient ways to harvest them. Before Observers, block updates were not detected automatically, so farming them automatically required extensive knowledge and manipulation […]

How to Play Snapshots in Minecraft

For years, Mojang has provided (for free) their current development process of the newest Minecraft features and updates. This has given many Minecraft fans reason to look forward to Wednesday’s since most Snapshots are released on those days. However, some of us don’t know how to take advantage of these free releases and have to wait […]

How to install Minecraft Modpacks

To install Minecraft modpacks, you generally need to download a modding application like the Technic Launcher and AT launcher; however, here, we will explain how to install mods using the Curse Forge app. How to install Minecraft Modpacks To install Minecraft modpacks, you must first download a program like the Technic Launcher and the AT […]

Best Minecraft Challenge Maps 1.16 (February 2021)

In Minecraft Challenge Maps, you’re typically pitted against other players in custom built game-modes that usually involve never-before-seen changes to the Minecraft mechanics or multiple mini-games. Not all of these maps require more than one player, but the more, the merrier! Do you think you can best your friends and net the most points in […]