How to Craft a Copper Block in Minecraft

If you want to craft awesome copper blocks in Minecraft, you will first need copper ingots. You can get copper ingots very quickly in the game from copper ore that starts spawning on the overworld all the way down to the deepest reaches of the world. However, the best place to look for copper ore […]

How to grow glow berries in Minecraft

Glow berries are one of the many new items added with the recent update for Minecraft 1.17, and the player can find and grow them by gathering them up from lush caves. However, before going off to look for a lush cave, please note that both lush caves and glow berries are not in the main branch of the […]

How many people play Minecraft?

If you are wondering how many players are playing Minecraft right now, the number is currently estimated to be around 126 million as of 2020. This number was confirmed via a blog post from the studio head of Mojang studios, Helen Chiang, on Xbox wire. In the post, Helen Chiang went on to say the following, “We are […]