Best Minecraft PE Texture Packs

Texture packs are one of the main ways that players can change the look and aesthetic of their game within Minecraft outside of shaders. While shaders provide a beautiful lens through which you can view your world, they don’t actually change what textures are being used on each item. Instead, they specifically affect the lighting […]

Best Minecraft Cracked Servers

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and for many playing it, no matter what, is the priority. That’s where Cracked Minecraft comes in. Cracked Minecraft is an unofficial copy of Minecraft which was not purchased or published by Mojang or Microsoft. If you’re a Minecraft Cracked player, you can’t play […]

All Minecraft Biomes

In Minecraft 1.18, world generation mechanics underwent a massive overhaul. One of the biggest structural changes players noticed is that many biomes were dropped, changed, added, or combined. As it stands, the full list of Minecraft Biomes is completely different than what we’ve been used to for the past several years. All Biomes There are […]

Minecraft Piglin Guide – Trades, Bartering, & More!

Piglins were added as a snapshot in the 20w07a Snapshot and officially a part of the 1.16 Nether Update. This neutral monster can be found in the Nether and is useful for bartering and trading with for specific items that aren’t renewable in your Minecraft world! Piglin Guide Where to find Piglins Piglins can only be […]

How to play Minecraft Pixelmon for Beginners

Fusing Minecraft and Pokémon has created one of the most popular mods for Minecraft: Pixelmon. This game takes the traditional rules of Pokémon and puts them into Minecraft. Players can travel from town to town, encountering and catching Pokémon along the way. Those unfamiliar with Pokémon may struggle initially, as Pixelmon can be challenging if […]