BitLife Heirlooms List Guide – What Are They? How-to Use Them!

Our BitLife Heirlooms List Guide features a full look at what this new addition to the game involves and how-to collect them! Heirlooms can be collected each day, and can sometimes be sold for large amounts of money. What to do With and How-to Use Heirlooms You can collect Heirlooms after about 17 hours or […]

Archero Heroes List Guide – Best Heroes, Abilities

Our Archero Heroes List Guide takes a look at this new addition to the game. You won’t have to play as a random archer anymore, and you can choose between various powerful heroes that have control over the elements. We’ll take a look at all of the heroes, abilities, and briefly touch on which of […]

BitLife How-to Escape Every Prison Guide (2019) – All Jail Layouts, Houdini & Jailbird Ribbon!

Our BitLife How-to Escape Prison Guide features a map and video for every prison layout you’ll be up against in the game! We’ve got cheat sheet maps for each of the layouts: 8x8s, 7x4s, 7x5s, 6x6s, 6x5s, 5x5s, 4x4s, and 5x4s! If you’re looking to complete various ribbons, including Houdini and Jailbird, then this post […]