Best Characters in Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger doesn’t nearly have as many capture targets as other dating sim games, but the cast is still pretty sizable—five characters in its main stories and an extra two in Another Story. To top it off, you’re also going to need 12 (or more) real-life days to finish each character route, and there’s no […]

Mystic Messenger Emails: All Answers (2021)

Securing party guests is one of the most important elements of playing Mystic Messenger. Obtaining a certain amount of guests (10+) guarantees unlocking a good ending with your character of choice, so long as you’ve made all the right story and dialogue decisions along the way. Casual and Deep Story Email Guide @allergy Cat allergy […]

How to get 707’s Route in Mystic Messenger: Prologue, Days 1-4

It’s hard not to love Mystic Messenger’s 707, even when he’s intent on keeping everyone else at arm’s length. The playful hacker is notoriously difficult to woo compared to the other Mystic Messenger characters, so we’ve made a guide on how to secure Seven’s route (and not accidentally end up with Jumin!). Note: To unlock […]