How to Level All Crafting Skills in New World

Crafting is one of the most appealing and important gameplay elements in New World. With crafting, you can make new gear, level up settlements, make consumables, apparel, and house furnishings. But to craft the best gear, you’re going to need to level up your crafting skills. Luckily it’s pretty easy to level them: Just start […]

How to level up quickly in New World

To level up quickly in New World, players will need to farm quests primarily in the game. Quests by far give the most XP, and if players farm them one after another, they will earn a steady flow of XP that will carry them to higher levels. As players level up and complete quests, higher-level […]

New World: Patch Notes (October 2021)

New World recently has become one of the fastest-growing MMORPGs on Steam, quickly surpassing Valheim as the largest Steam launch in the history of the platform. All in all, New World is a massive game with a ton on offer, from PVE to PVP quests, game modes, and even dungeons for players to explore for […]

How to farm gold in New World

To farm gold in New World, you will want to first farm the various quests available to you in the game. Farming quests are the best and most straightforward, depending on the quest to make money. Each quest will give a little bit of gold as a reward, and depending on the enemies you may […]

What are motes used for in New World?

Motes are one of the many resources players can obtain in New World and use for a wide range of crafting recipes. The major recipes will be every a lot of the crafting recipes you can make inside the arcane repository in the game. Some of these recipes will include life staff recipes, wisps, and […]