How to get sand flux in New World

To get Sand Flux in New World, you will need to farm supply containers that you can find in many locations such as villages, forts, and caves. If you want some good locations to search for chests, view the resource map at In short, You can find some of the best locations to farm Sand Flux […]

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

To level up your furnishing skill in New World, you need to make furniture by gathering primary Timber, Iron Ingots, and Ash Stain. Overall, this is the extent of what you need to do for this skill, and so you will need to learn how to get the three main resources you need. Luckily it’s […]

New World Weaving Leveling Guide

To level up weaving in New World, players must start off by crafting Linen via a loom at one of the major settlements in the game. Crafting and focusing on Linen is the best way to get a jump start with the skill. You will also need Linen to craft other useful items, and can also be […]

New World Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

To level up Jewelcrafting, players will need to visit an outfitting station and make trinket components in large quantities. The reason why is that the trinkets and jewel necklaces you can make with the Jewelcrafting skill require multiple components, so farming them is not really a good thing or realistic. However, with most trinket components, […]