Did Roblox add voice chat?

No, Roblox did not add voice chat into the game just yet, but recent leaks show that the feature is closer than ever. But recent leaks show that the developers at Roblox are hard at work implementing the feature. Some users have captured screenshots of a new notification asking players for access to their mobile […]

Bugha joins the Fortnite Icon Series and presents Late Game Tournament

Fortnite Icon Series adds another star to its existing line to impressive personalities and this time, it is Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. There are many Fortnite esports players, but the legacy that Bugha leaves is unparalleled to anyone else. The solo Fortnite World Cup winner receiving his Icon Series cosmetic makes him the first Fortnite esports […]

New Palia Characters Revealed: Meet Hassian and Kenyatta

In Palia, players will be able to explore an open, magical world and perform all types of activities: fishing, crafting, adventuring, dating, decorating, and much more. While gamers eagerly await the release of this community sim MMO, the team behind Palia, Singularity 6, continues to share some of the faces we’ll be encountering within the […]