Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.20 Patch Notes – Guardian & Gunslinger Buffs, Assassin & Knight Nerfs!

We’re taking a look at the TFT patch notes for the 9.20 update that are scheduled to be released on Wednesday, October 9, 2019! These changes are coming off the recent patch that added the new Kaisa champion to the game. It looks like Riot isn’t too happy with where she’s at currently because according […]

Oculus Rift and Go Games on Oculus Quest: New Updates in Quest Firmware 9.0

The Oculus Connect 6 convention last week brought us the announcement of Quest Firmware 9.0, and the update is packed with features that will both increase usability and expand the Quest’s game library! The newly announced Oculus Link software will enable the Quest to function as a tethered PC headset, and a number of Oculus […]