When is Majora’s Mask coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack?

Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack launched in late 2022, and one of the benefits that Nintendo offers with this extended subscription plan is access to a catalog of Nintendo 64 titles. While the initial offering in Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack was only eight games, the roster expands each month. February’s addition brings a fan-favorite […]

Best Board Games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo always places value on the social aspect of their consoles, and the Nintendo Switch is no different. After all, as a portable console that already comes with two controllers and can be played on-the-go, it’s bound to attract a crowd of gamers that like their games social. In response, plenty of developers—especially of the […]

How to fix Error Code 2137-7504 on Nintendo Switch

Some Nintendo Switch owners have been hit with the error code 2137-7504 while trying to connect to the Nintendo eShop. The error prevents some players from accessing their eShop and disallows them to download any games they already own. The error code specifically means that the Nintendo eShop or the Switch Online servers are currently […]