How many Microgames are in WarioWare: Get it Together?

WarioWare has made its triumphant return to Nintendo consoles with WarioWare: Get it Together! This game emphasizes microgames as an excellent party purchase, but how many microgames does Get it Together have? There are over 200 Microgames for players to enjoy in WarioWare: Get it Together. To unlock them, Wario and his friends must fix […]

All characters in WarioWare: Get It Together!

Fans of WarioWare have been eagerly anticipating the next entry in the series ever since WarioWare Gold launched on the 3DS in 2018. Now, WarioWare: Get It Together! is here to give ravenous players the content they’ve been waiting for. But before you dive blindly into the game, you may be wondering what and how […]

WarioWare Get it Together: Microgames vs. Minigames – What’s the Difference?

At E3 2021, Nintendo announced another entry in their acclaimed WarioWare series. This franchise focuses on the Mario franchise’s Wario and his esteemed company. In WarioWare: Get it Together, players are tasked with completing several microgames in rapid succession as in the franchise’s previous iterations. Tasks get increasingly challenging because of the dwindling time users […]

Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Order Guide

While the Nintendo Switch is impressive, the hardware has been critiqued for some design flaws. Users have been hoping for an improved version of the console, and thankfully, Nintendo has finally unveiled a better version of the system: the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. While the system is not currently available for purchase, those interested in […]

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Pre-Order Guide

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania is the newest installment of the Super Monkey Ball Franchise. The game was announced at the Nintendo Direct for E3 2021. The game is a remastered compilation of the first three original Super Monkey Ball titles. Players are excited about the upcoming maze challenge game and many wish to pre-order […]