How to get clothlets in Ooblets

Clothlet is another of the resources you are going to need to collect early in Ooblets to repair your Farmhouse. This is a bit trickier than nurnies, but isn’t too bad once you know how to do it. We’ll be taking a quick look at how to get clothlet in this guide. This game is […]

How to get Gleamy (Shiny) Ooblets

Ooblets mix of Stardew Valley and Pokemon is quite a cute pairing of games that many people enjoy. On the Pokemon side of things, it looks like Ooblets has created shiny versions of the pets that you will collect! These are known as Gleamy in this game, and I’m sure they will be sought after […]

How to get nurnies in Ooblets

If you’re just jumping into the interesting world of Ooblets, then you no doubt have many questions on how to obtain certain items in the game. Well, we’re first going to be taking a look at how to get nurnies. This is an important resource that you will need quite a bit of to complete […]