Jigsaw Puzzle Tips & Strategy

There’s no better time to start puzzling then right now! A lot of people are home and with their families, and a great activity that you can do is put together a puzzle or two. If you’re new to it or are just looking for ways to get better, we’ve put together a guide on […]

Coffee Talk Recipes List

Coffee Talk is a game that has you brewing up various beverages for your customers. As you interact and supply them with drinks, you learn about their lives through dialogue. While there’s not a lot in terms of gameplay, you will need to know some recipes for particular drinks to server the people! We’re compiling […]

Why Was Pokecord Shut Down?

Pokecord is one of the largest bots for Discord and was used by millions of players and was on almost 1.3 million servers. In a pretty shocking turn of events, it looks like Pokecord has been shutdown. Reasons aren’t fully clear why, but we’ll take a look at what is currently known about why it […]