Where do Cursed Possessions spawn in Phasmophobia?

As part of the 0.5.0 update, Phasmophobia has introduced Cursed Possessions. These items affect players’ abilities as a sort of tradeoff with things like their sanity. Currently, there are six cursed items that players can find across the maps. We’ll go over each of the areas where these types of objects can show up on […]

All Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia, Explained

Version 0.5.0 brings Cursed Possessions to Phasmophobia, a new item type that allows players to interact with ghosts in various ways. Each item has a particular purpose, but what does each item do? We’ve listed the in-game descriptions for each of the new Cursed Possessions in Phasmophibia below, as described by Kinetic Games. Related: How […]