When Will Phasmophobia Come to All Consoles?

Kinetic Games’ indie darling, Phasmophobia, took Steam by storm last year when it released in September 2020. Up to four players can cooperatively hunt ghosts in this spooky online game. It’s an experience that’s as funny as it is terrifying for players. Since its release, players have been clamoring for a console release. But when […]

How to play Phasmophobia Beta

Update: In a recent Q&A from Kinetic Games, they are changing how Beta updates are being done. With this restructure in mind, they want to enable future updates to be able to be played by everyone at the same time—so everyone can get the best experience. The extremely horrifying Phasmophobia is still making waves, as […]

Can you mod Phasmophobia?

Being able to play with up to 4 friends and working together to gather evidence to figure out what ghost is haunting the joint. There are a plethora of things to do in the game, using numerous different pieces of equipment, like crucifixes and video cameras, plus tons more! Phasmophobia will not have any official […]

Can You Play Phasmophobia on Mac?

Phasmophobia is a popular ghost-hunting game that is available for purchase on Steam. Given the popularity of ghosts and horror as a genre for video games, many would-be players are wondering if the game is available to be played on their Mac computer. The answer is both good news and bad news. Because Phasmophobia is […]