Plague Inc. Bio-Weapon Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete!

Plague Inc.’s Bio-Weapon plague type poses a unique challenge when compared to its siblings. Its closest comparison is the Nano-Virus, in that its key challenge isn’t flying under the radar but managing its unique traits. In this case it’s the Bio-Weapon’s lethality, which gradually increases over time. You want to keep this as low as […]

Plague Inc. Nano-Virus Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete!

Nano-Virus is an interesting type of plague in Plague Inc., as you begin a game with humanity immediately being aware of it and working double-time to “cure” it. We say “cure”, as it’s more of a kill-code that deactivates the virus. A Nano-Virus is a man-made form of plague that looks like a microscopic robot […]

Plague Inc. Prion Normal Guide – Tips on How-to Beat Prion!

Our Plague Inc. Prion Guide will walk you through exactly how-to beat the prion plague on normal. This can be slightly difficult, especially because countries seem to have an easier time developing a cure for the prion. However, our guide will get you through it and have you on the way to victory. How-to Beat […]