How to get your PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up

PlayStation gives players a Wrap-Up at the beginning of each year that shows all of their personal stats as well as some community stats from the previous year. This is a fun way for fans to brag, or feel ashamed, about all that they did last year on their Sony console. Here is how to […]

Will Activision Blizzard games still release on PlayStation consoles?

Xbox has announced that they are buying Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars in the largest gaming acquisition to ever take place. Now that Activision Blizzard and all of their subsidiaries have been added to the ever-growing list of Xbox Game Studios, what does that mean for the future of Activision Blizzard games on PlayStation […]

Sony patent hints that backward capabilities are coming to PlayStation 4 and 5

Backward capability has always been a feature that almost every fan hopes is available in every new console generation. Who wouldn’t want to play their old PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 2 games on their brand new PlayStation 5? Sony has, for the most part, ignored backward capabilities for older games like the PlayStation 3 or […]

PlayStation VR2 Specs

Sony has finally revealed the title of their next VR headset: The PlayStation VR2. This next-generation hardware, unveiled at CES 2022, houses brand new specifications, and the specs were revealed alongside the official name for the system. We’ve listed each of the specs for the PlayStation VR2 and the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers below: Related: […]

January 2022 PlayStation Plus Lineup

PlayStation Plus subscribers receive a host of benefits each month for their patronage, including discounts, exclusive packs, and free games. The free games for Jan. 2022 have been revealed, and it’s a strong way to start the year. We’ve listed each of the game’s coming to PlayStation Plus in Jan. 2022, along with their respective […]