Crown Tundra: How to get Virizion

Are you ready for the next Pokémon adventure?! Hop on the train to the Crown Tundra region and get started capturing all of these new Pokémon! Instead of the Isle of Armor’s rich forests, we hope you brought a jacket because you’re heading to a frigid new land. The Pokémon Company is trying out a […]

Crown Tundra: How to get Spiritomb

Everywhere you look in the Crown Tundra, you’ll probably see pseudo-legendaries roaming about the place! You’ll find it hard to run out of things to capture. Though that’s one thing to keep you busy, another is discovering the secrets hidden throughout this new expansion. No doubt, you’ll come across ancient ruins and tombstones on your […]

Crown Tundra: How to get Keldeo

There are numerous mysteries to solve in the latest Pokémon DLC, the Crown Tundra, along with quite a number of quests to complete. With these quests, it seems to open the world of Pokémon up much more, and we hope that they’re here to stay! Professor Sonia is back, and she’s hands out tasks left, […]

Crown Tundra: How to get Regigigas

Mysteries are fun to solve, especially when they all link together to unearth one final riddle for a brilliant reward. In the Crown Tundra, there is one such event like this, where you have to acquire 5 Regi Titans to be able to summon and capture the final Titan of the collection Regigigas. However, things […]