How to get the Objection Achievement in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is filled with obscure, missable achievements that players can overlook on their journey through this long-awaited sequel. Thankfully, most of them are quick pick-ups, like the Objection achievement, provided players know what they need to do. To unlock the Objection achievement, Raz must throw a Judge’s gavel back at him. Judges are a […]

How to Unlock the Pyromania Achievement in Psychonauts 2

With so many powers at his disposal, Raz has plenty of ways to deal with obstacles on his journey through the mind. Getting creative with his psychic powers is paramount when hunting rare achievements, including Pyromania. Raz needs to ignite three enemies simultaneously with the Pyrokinesis ability to unlock the Pyromania achievement. While Raz can […]

All Psychic Powers in Psychonauts 2

Rasputin Aquato is a psychic student and a new member of the Psychonauts. As a psychic, he has access to several tricks and tools via his mental prowess, and his kit is substantial. There are nine psychic abilities in Psychonauts 2, each with its own unique functions and capabilities. These abilities will periodically unlock as […]