Best Mods for Raft

Here you will find a list of several mods that we consider some of the best for the survival game Raft. The Best mods for Raft Raft is a fun game on its own, but with the inclusion of mods, things can only get more enjoyable, so here are some of the best mods we found […]

How to build and use an engine in Raft

If you want your raft to go in different directions and change speeds, you will need to build an engine in Raft; here’s how and what you will need.  How to build an Engine in Raft To build an Engine, you will need to first unlock it by researching its blueprint that is found inside the Vasagatan shipwreck; […]

How to research items in Raft

To unlock the crafting of certain items in Raft, you will need to research them via an item in the game. Here’s what you need to know and how to research items in Raft.  How to research crafting items in Raft To research items in Raft, you will need to build a research table with 14 planks […]

How to stop shark attacks in Raft

In Raft, sharks will continuously attack the player’s raft, thus preventing them from making progress in the game without fear of losing progress. But there are ways in which the player can put a stop to these attacks; here is what they are and what you need to do.  How to stop sharks from attacking your raft […]

How to get Vine Goo in Raft

Raft can be a fairly difficult game if you aren’t able to keep up on all of the various resources you are going to need to upgrade your raft and tools. There are a lot of materials you will need, and some of them come from surprising places. For instance, you would think sand would […]