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Realm Royale Best Class – The Top Classes Tier List!

If you are looking for the best class to choose in Realm Royale then this top classes tier list should help you make an informed choice! Now, before you jump into the comments and disagree vehemently, please understand that this list is largely subjective. If you are really good with a particular class then it […]

Realm Royale Battle Pass Skins & Cosmetics – Primal Awakening

We’ve got all of the Realm Royale Battle Pass skins and cosmetics from the first season. This new season is called: Primal Awakening! It mostly revolves around prehistoric themes and dinosaurs. You can get new avatars, chickens, emotes, loading screens, mounts, outfits, skydives, and sprays by playing the game and leveling up your battle pass! […]

Realm Royale Gun and Weapons List – Stats, Damage, & More!

We’re compiling a full list of weapons for the new battle royale game: Realm Royale. This guide will feature weapon stats, damage, and everything else you need to know to get ahead in the game. Realm Royale Gun and Weapons List You can currently get many different types of weapons: crossbows, pistols, rifles, shotguns, swords, […]