Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Guide

These Legendary Bounties are 10 of the meanest criminals in the West. Wanted dead or alive; round ’em up, and bring them in alive, for a heftier reward. Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Guide Follow the Bounty Hunter Career of the Red Dead Online Roles, to be able to hunt down these special bounty targets. […]

Red Dead Online Trader Guide

In Red Dead Online the trader role takes advantage of all the hunting capabilities in the game, allowing you to procure fur and sell it along with other animal parts. It does a really good job at being realistic but can be quite time consuming. If you love the hunting, then here is how to […]

Best Horses to buy in Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online, players will spend a good amount of time traveling around the map on horseback. That being said, finding the perfect mount is highly essential in this game. Best Horses to Buy in Red Dead Online Whether gamers prefer a horse with excellent speed, health, or staminan finding the right horse to […]