Returnal | How to get the grappling hook

Much of Returnal is generated at random but players should expect some gameplay elements to remain constant. As you progress deeper into the many challenging biomes, you will unlock permanent upgrades and items. One of these is especially useful for quick traversal: the Icarian Grapnel, aka the grappling hook. You will naturally unlock the grappling […]

Returnal | How many Biomes

As you progress through the randomly-generated rooms of Returnal, one thing remains constant: the amount of Biomes required to complete. The more you improve at the game, the more new areas and terrors are waiting to be discovered. There are six biomes total in Returnal, with five bosses to destroy. The further you delve into […]

Returnal | How many Bosses

Returnal is a rogue-lite, with my areas to explore and upgrades to find. But of course, it isn’t that simple. Bosses are impeding your way between the different biomes, and these must be defeated to progress. In Returnal, you will fight five bosses in total over the six biomes. The only biome that you will […]

Returnal: When does the Game Save?

Understanding the risk/reward system of Returnal is key to your survival and overall enjoyment. Roguelike mechanics are challenging in general, but Housemarque’s first PS5 title ups the difficulty with lengthier runs. So where are the save points? Simply put, there are no game saves. If you turn off the game (or your PS5) amidst a […]