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How to spectate glitch in Roblox BedWars?

Roblox BedWars has many exploitable glitches in the base game. One such exploitable bug is the spectate glitch. As the name suggests, the notable glitch allows you to continue playing for a team while watching the entire match from the spectator box stand. To perform the spectate glitch in Roblox BedWars, you will need to […]

Roblox BedWars: Free kits this week

Kits are avatar bundles in Roblox BedWars that essentially serve as different classes. Each kit is designed with a special theme in mind and comes with its own set of unique perks and abilities. Using the kit to its own strength, along with the player’s skills and mastery of the game, can provide a much […]

Best Roblox hat codes

Are you looking to add some new headwear to your avatar in experiences that offer character customization, such as Welcome to Bloxburg? We’ve got you covered! Continue reading for our list of the best hat codes that you can use to update your fashionable look. Keep in mind, however, that these codes will not unlock and […]