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All Roblox Metaverse Champions | Weekly Locations, Games & Rewards

New Rthro characters called Metaverse Champions are entering Roblox during the upcoming Metaverse Champions event. These champions will take part in a platform-wide narrative. The best part? They will be available to unlock as Avatar cosmetic items. All Roblox Metaverse Champions List | Weekly Locations, Games & Rewards Update April 15 All Week 1 Game Links added […]

All Roblox Metaverse Champions Missions

Metaverse Champions 2021 is the first Roblox event of its kind where players compete against each other across four different factions. To earn points for your faction, you will have to complete missions across various games in the Roblox Metaverse. We have all of the available mission guides right here. What is Metaverse Champions? Metaverse […]