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What are Scented Cons in Roblox?

If you’ve seen the strange slang words Scented Con, Condo, or any similar variation used in Roblox communities, you may wonder what it means. Read below for more information. Community Rules in Roblox In Roblox, Developers are able to build games for others to play. These Developers are given many liberties in order to express […]

How to reset a Stand in Roblox Project Star?

Stands are a large part of what makes Project Star the game that it is, so it’s important to know how to reset and interchange them. Getting started with this process is luckily pretty easy, all it requires is a spiky fruit that can be found lying around various parts of Cairo. This fruit, the […]

All items in Roblox Project Star

With Project Star’s inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure comes a plethora of items for players to find, loot, win, and unlock. These include arrows, buffed accessories, and even some wearables that can transform your character! For a list of every obtainable item in the game so far, continue reading below. Arrows Arrows can randomly be […]