Roblox Jailbreak x Nascar Skin Contest announcement and how to enter | Oct. 2021

The fan-favorite cops and robbers style Roblox experience Jailbreak is partnering up with professional racing company NASCAR to bring new vehicles to the game in an upcoming event. However, there’s a slight catch—Robloxians will design these vehicles just like you! If you have an eye for design, or even if you just want to join […]

How to get the Valiant Valkyrie of Testing in Roblox?

Released in Oct. 2021, the Valiant Valkyrie of Testing is a headwear item that has players across Roblox buzzing—and for good reason. This shining helmet is inspired by the ones worn throughout Norse mythology and is now a coveted member of the Valkyrie item collection. Many of the items in this avatar collection were released […]