Best Rust Skins

Skins may not be useful in every player’s game, but for a game like Rust that is an MMORPG, looks can mean a lot. Whether the player is in a heavy role-playing server or not, they can find tons of cheap skins in the game to enhance their style. To show off some of the […]

How to get Rust Twitch Drops

Rust currently has a special event going on Twitch that will last all the way to the 9th of September, where players can earn special Rust twitch drops.  The twitch drops for Rust include skins for guns, items, and even doors and can all be earned from watch certain Rust streams and certain Streamers. If […]

How to Fish in Rust

With the newest update for August 2021, Rust has added the ability for players to go fishing. Read more below to figure out how to get started! Get Bait To fish in Rust, you will need bait. There may be some items you can already use in your inventory, like your food. If you want […]

Rust Console Commands

Here you will find all Rust console commands and how to use them in the game. How to use Rust Console Commands To use a command in Rust, you typically need to press f1 and then type a command into the console. That being said, Rust has a ton of useful commands both players and admins alike can use for various purposes in […]

How to change your gender in Rust

Some players are wondering if there is an option to change genders in Rust, and the answer might be disappointing. Here’s everything you need to know about how to change your gender in Rust.  How to change your gender in Rust In short, there is no option to change your gender, nor any kind of character customization […]