Scarlet Nexus Patch Notes (September 2021)

Scarlet Nexus Bandai Namco’s new RPG experience has is now released. Drop into the steampunk world and fight against deadly Other’s using your Pyschokinesis powers! The following is everything the recent updates and patch notes for Scarlet Nexus added or changed. We will also keep this list updated with all future changes and updates for […]

All Scarlet Nexus Codes (Episodes 1-13)

Here you will find our Scarlet Nexus codes list that will contain the most up-to-date list of codes straight from the Anime series and more. All Scarlet Nexus Codes List Here you will find all codes that are currently available and can be redeemed in Scarlet Nexus. All of the codes have been tested and confirmed to reward various in-game […]

Best Gifts for Every Scarlet Nexus Character – Gift Guide

Throughout Scarlet Nexus, you will be able to gift certain items to characters to increase their max bond level. Doing so will allow you to unlock more SAS abilities and improve existing ones. Certain gifts increase that bond more than others. Before you can gift items, you will need to reach the second standby phase, right at […]