All Scarlet Nexus classes and characters explained

In Scarlet Nexus, players play as two characters Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Both are new recruits of the OSF or Other Suppression Force, whose job is to combat the other threat. Along with that, Yuito and Kasane are what you called psychokinesis users, which are essentially the only classes in the game. Both characters also have special […]

All Psycho Kinetic Abilities in Scarlet Nexus

In Scarlet Nexus, there are there is a total of elven psychokinetic abilities in the game that players can use in battle, including psychokinesis. Both playable characters start with the ability to use psychokinesis, which allows them to pick up and throw objects around to build up attack combos. However, to use the other abilities in the […]

Does Scarlet Nexus have Multiplayer Co-op?

If you were wondering if Scarlet Nexus has multiplayer, the answer is no. The reason why is that the publisher and developer, Bandai Namco, has not announced any multiplayer mode or co-op mode for the game. Along with that, the game appears to be entirely a single-player experience meant to be enjoyed by only one player. That […]

What is the release date for Scarlet Nexus?

If you are wondering when Scarlet Nexus will release, the date is June 25th. The game will also launch on Xbox One, Series S/X, Playstation 4/5, and PC.  Scarlet Nexus pre-orders are also live, and there are a ton of special editions and bonuses to be had. For example, players who order any version of the game will […]