How to Find the Shores of Gold in Sea of Thieves | Shores of Gold Tall Tale

Shores of Gold is the ninth and final installment in the main Tall Tale questline! There have been laughs, tears, betrayal, revenge, murder — so many elements that have made this a fascinating story. Now that you’ve completed the other Tall Tales, you’ve finally obtained the Shroudbreaker and the Stones needed to finish it. Me […]

How to Find and Solve Stitcher Jim’s Hideout in Sea of Thieves | Heart of Fire Tall Tale

The Heart of Fire Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves is an adventure outside of the main Shores of Gold questline. It can be considered an extension of The Seabound Soul, although they can also be played independently. In this portion of the guide, we cover how to start the adventure and then find and solve Stitcher […]

How to Find the Skull of Martha Jane in Sea of Thieves | The Seabound Soul Tall Tale

The Seabound Soul Tall Tale is available outside of the main Shroudbreaker questline. In it, you follow Sir Arthur Pendragon’s orders, who was tricked and slain by Captain Graymarrow. Before he died, Graymarrow forced him to explain how to trap souls, which Graymarrow used on Pendragon himself! Pendragon was bound to a portrait in his […]