How to get Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops

Loot is the name of the game in Sea of Thieves. Every pirate is out to find the best treasure and rewards for themselves and their fellow sailors. But besides finding loot in-game their is also loot to be found through Twitch Drops. Typically, Twitch Drops are enabled by a streamer while they are playing […]

All Animal Locations in Sea of Thieves

Aside from fishes, there are three types of animals in Sea of Thieves: Chickens, Snakes, and Pigs. As one of the most commonly sought-after valuables from the Merchant Crew Alliance, players often look for these animals to turn them in for Gold Coins. Unfortunately, there is no specific instruction in the game that tells you […]

Does Sea of Thieves have Private Servers?

Private Servers are a common feature in most online games because it allows players to set up custom game modes and exclusive player lists. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not allowed Private Servers for Sea of Thieves yet, and many players are wondering if and when this will change. As of now, there is no feature in […]