Megalodon Locations in Sea of Thieves

The Megalodon was added to Sea of Thieves permanently in the Shrouded Spoils update. Since then, it has brought great danger to pirates sailing the map. In this short guide, we’ll explain the types of Megalodons you can find and where you can find them. Megalodon Locations in Sea of Thieves We’ll make finding the Megalodon in the game […]

Sea of Thieves | Shroudbreaker Tall Tale | How to get Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log

Back when Sea of Thieves was still growing its player base and before many of the current features were added,  pirate adventurers were looking for a story to the game. Rare, the game’s development company, delivered. The end result was a succession of stories, called Tall Tales, that gave players a renewed thirst for adventure […]

All Sea of Thieves Tall Tales in Order

Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves were implemented to give a sense of adventure to the more casual pirate players. We all took to these quickly and found ourselves obsessively diving into the stories and lore that each one provides. This guide will give you a short run-down of what Tall Tales are in each […]

Sea of Thieves | Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale | Old Faithful Isle Chests & Keys Guide

In the previous section of the guide, we covered How to Find the Enchanted Lantern. From there, the story branches off into two different possible islands: Kraken’s Fall or Old Faithful Isle. This part of the guide outlines how to follow the souls of the departed on Old Faithful Isle. Sea of Thieves | Fate of the Morningstar […]