All Minecraft Color & Format Codes

Minecraft allows you to format the text displayed in particular objects and world properties to have different colors or formatting. These editing properties allow for better emphasis of important information, easier reading, or simply add flavor to the game. Below, we have provided the entire list of format and color codes and explained how to […]

How to Make a Shirt on Roblox

It’s easy to make a shirt in Roblox, and you can even customize it with your logo or brand. Before you start, you need to go to and become a member of Premium if you aren’t already. You can create T-shirts without a membership account, but you can’t make a shirt without one. After […]

Pro Game Guides has been acquired by GAMURS Group!

Hello, everyone! I’m here to bring you some exciting news and that is the fact that Pro Game Guides has been acquired by the GAMURS Group! You might be familiar with some of their other websites, including Dot Esports and Gamepur. We are proud to join such a distinguished company and feel that this will […]