Skate 3 Cheats and Console Commands

Even 11 years on Skate 3’s influence seems endless. YouTubers are still regularly posting the likes of epic challenges and testing where they can up the level in terms of tricks and spots within the map (or sometimes outside the map due to glitches). Skate 3 Cheats and Console Commands A number of these achievements do require […]

How to Manual in Skate 3

Skateboarding is a hard but extremely cool sport, and we are here for it. For those who can’t skate, however, there is a console on which to play a Skate game which is very handy and involves fewer trips to A&E! Skate 3 has some of the best mechanics for emulating skate moves. By using the […]

How to Handplant in Skate 3

Skate 3 is arguably the master of skateboarding games. With three games in the franchise it revolutionized the way we think about using our controller to recreate tricks and moves, and it made it so that it is hard to go back. Sorry Tony Hawk’s Ride controller, you just didn’t do it for us! With the […]