How to unlock the Stay on Target Trophy in Sonic Colors

With the Sonic Colors Ultimate remaster, SEGA’s blue blur sees updated graphics and frame rates and the addition of trophies and achievements on modern consoles. These extra tasks may take a bit more effort to unlock, but with the right aid, they’re easy to grab. Sonic needs to defeat 100 enemies with the Sweet Spot […]

How to unlock the Handing Out Shiners Trophy Sonic Colors

The Sonic Colors Ultimate release has remastered the classic Wii game for a new generation, bringing several new features, including trophies and achievements. Some of these trophies are easy to miss, like Handing Out Shiners. Sonic must defeat the game’s first boss, Rotatatron, in less than three hits to unlock the Handing Out Shiners Trophy. […]

How long is Sonic Colors Ultimate?

One of the most popular modern Sonic games, Sonic Colors, has seen a remaster in Sonic Colors Ultimate. This beloved Wii release sees new life on modern PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles, but how long is this classic Sonic game? According to, Sonic Colors Ultimate has a relatively short run time, clocking in at […]