How to Grow Colonists in Starmancer

In the game Starmancer, many players have found that some of the earliest tasks aren’t very intuitive. In fact, many of us are stuck trying to figure out how to grow colonists. The guide below provides a simple explanation for using the Incubation Tank to get colonists and manage your ship. The first thing you […]

How to Fix Starmancer Stuck on Loading Screen

Starmancer is a new game that was released in August 2021 for Early Access. Upon release, many players found that loading a New Game makes causes them to get permanently stuck on the loading screen, with the load bar only reaching about half way. Unfortunately, there is no currently definitive fix for this problem, but […]

How to Build and Destroy in Starmancer

As simple as it should be, building in Starmancer can be complicated if you don’t know exactly how to access and use the menu properly. In the guide below, we explain how to build in the game and how to properly use the menu. Building As you can see in the image above, the Build […]

How to Put Out a Fire in Starmancer

Many players that are learning the ropes in the game Starmancer have found that the tutorial lacks detailed descriptions of how to play. One struggle most players face in the game is how to put out fires. Unfortunately, there is currently only one way to put out a fire, and it isn’t as quick as […]