State of Survival Best Heroes for Beginners

State of Survival requires a bit more strategy than the average zombie apocalypse shooter game. There’s a great deal of resource management and teamwork required to excel in restoring humanity, as one of the last remaining survivors in the world. These beginner heroes will be the best characters for players to start off with. State […]

Games Like State of Survival

State of Survival is a popular zombie apocalypse game dominating their corner of the market because of its addicting, yet casual, game-style. You find yourself researching, rebuilding, and rescuing your way to a safe stronghold to fend off the undead. It’s not exactly robust, but it certainly draws us in. This naturally leads us to […]

State of Survival Headquarters Requirements

State of Survival is currently one of the most popular mobile games on the market. You immediately start in the middle of a large city’s zombie takeover and must find the best decisions yourself. Upgrading your city to improve your defenses and scavenging both quickly become an absolute necessity. State of Survival Headquarters Requirements You’ll […]