Best Hacking Games on PC

Whether you’re a certified hacker yourself or just can’t get enough of the genre, Hacking is a staple in games on the PC. And while some games get hacking all wrong, there are a few stand-out titles that genuinely get breaking into mainframes and cracking codes just right. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of […]

How to fix Steam Error e502 l3

The Steam error e502 l3 often appears when something goes wrong when you try to buy something on Steam.  It often plagues the Steam storefront whenever the service is overwhelmed due to tons of users, which usually happens during big Steam sales.  If you suspect this is the case, you can always check at sites […]

Which Steam Deck Should I Get? Deciding Which Steam Deck is Right For You

Valve announced their answer to the Nintendo Switch with the Steam Deck. This alternative option for portable game fans allows players to take their PC’s Steam library with them wherever they wish. It’s a portable PC with all the functions of a regular computer. As with any computer, there are different specs and variations available. […]

How long is the Steam Deck battery life?

Valve and Steam announced that they’re journeying into the handheld market with their latest creation: the Steam Deck. This portable computer allows players to access their complete Steam library, download games, and play them away from their PC. But how long will battery life last on this portable device? The product page for the Steam […]

Steam Deck Screen Size, Dimensions, and Specs

After Valve introduced their answer to the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck, users clamored for information regarding the console. Thankfully, Valve and Steam have shared the specs for the mobile device. This mobile computer promises to lets users play their favorite Steam games on the go. But what are the specs for this mini PC? […]