Steam Deck – Release date, specs, price

Valve has come up with an answer to the success of the Nintendo Switch by creating their own version of a handheld gaming system. Arguably one of the most ambitious as it aims to make almost all of the games in your PC’s Steam library playable on the handheld device. Here is all the information […]

Best Deals in Steam Winter Sale 2021

The 2021 Steam Winter Sale is here! There are so many amazing deals that it’s almost impossible to keep track. Steam has jam-packed this sale with deals galore, from AAA titles to delightful indie projects. Steam Winter Sale Deals There are thousands of games on sale during this Steam Winter Sale. We’ve compiled the best […]

How to connect a Switch Pro Controller to Steam

The Switch Pro controller is Nintendo’s take at a conventional console control design. The Switch Pro controller doesn’t boast too many features, though its simplicity may be exactly what makes it so appealing. Its uncomplicated design makes it extra appealing for those looking to pick up a controller for a Steam game. Here is how […]

How to connect a Dualshock 4 Controller to Steam

Playstations Dualshock 4 controller quickly became one of gaming’s most popular gamepads since its release alongside the Playstation 4. The controller brought the new innovation of the multi-function touchpad, which makes it the perfect controller to use with Steam. Here is how to connect a Dualshock 4 Controller to Steam. Connecting a Dualshock 4 Controller […]

How to connect a DualSense Controller to Steam

Playstations DualSense controller took the world by storm when released with the Playstation 5. The next-gen controller brought adaptive triggers and haptic feedback to the table and an extreme level of comfort. Why not bring your favorite controller over to PC gaming as well? Here is how to connect a DualSense Controller to Steam. Connecting […]