How many islands are there in Stranded Deep?

Stranded Deep is a survival game about the ocean and traveling from island to island gathering resources. The main question people ask is: How many islands are there in Stranded Deep? When you create a new game on the classic mode, the world around you is procedural and random, meaning the islands you will get are always […]

How to heal in Stranded Deep

Sooner or later (most likely sooner) you are going to get hurt in Stranded Deep. This is bad and you should stay on top of it when you are hurt or bleeding to prevent death. But pain is inevitable so you may be wondering how to heal in Stranded Deep. The answer is: there is […]

How to stop bleeding in Stranded Deep

Blood is icky and that is no different in Stranded Deep. If you find yourself getting attacked by a tiger shark or great white shark, you may start bleeding. If you are bleeding, you will lose .15 percent of your health per second. This is obviously bad and could very well lead to you dying. […]

Stranded Deep Cheats and Console Commands

In Stranded Deep, players are able to use a number of various commands; here, you will find all of these commands and how to use them.  How to use commands in Stranded Deep To use a command in the survival game Stranded Deep, players must press the \ key to open up the developer console. After this, players will be able […]