When does the Mario Movie come out?

Few media icons are as well known as Mario. The gaming character is known the world over for his gaming escapades spanning several decades. Now, Mario is heading to the movies, with an animated film set for release soon. But when can video-game fans expect to see this title hit theaters? During their September 2021 […]

Super Mario Movie (2022): The Full Cast List

Those of us that remember the first Super Mario Bros. movie are in for a surprise! According to the announcement made during the Nintendo Direct Showcase in September 2021, there will be a Super Mario Movie in December 2022 with an all-star cast list featuring some of Hollywood’s most popular actors. Although it was explicitly […]

Mario Party Superstars: Maps, Characters, and Minigames – Everything We Know

Few party games are as popular as Mario Party, and Super Mario Party was the first entry in the franchise on the Switch, one that disappointed many fans. Nintendo has concocted Mario Party Superstars to remedy this, collecting the most beloved minigames and maps from previous entries in the series. Super Mario Party compiles some […]

Super Mario 64: How to use the Wing Cap and Fly!

If you’ve recently picked up the Super Mario 3D All-Stars pack for the Nintendo Switch, then you are likely making your way through the collection. You aren’t alone, this pack has sold like crazy, so there’s a whole new generation of people getting a chance to play some really classic and milestone making games. However, […]