Temtem vs. Pokemon – What You Need to Know!

While Temtem requires its players to pick up a lot of information quickly upon starting their game (despite having fairly minimal tutorials), Pokémon veterans will find its gameplay and setting easy to adjust to based on what they already know. Despite this there are quite a few differences from more familiar Pokémon-style RPGs that can […]

Temtem Breeding Guide – How to Breed Temtem!

Our Temtem Breeding Guide features all the information you will need to know on how to start breeding in the game! While this game is very similar to Pokemon, there are some important differences that make the process a bit more streamlined and easier on the player. If you want to have the perfect team, […]

Temtem How to Make Money Fast (Pansun)

We’re taking a look at one of the best current money making options in Temtem! You can do your standard selling of items and battling trainers, but there’s also another way to go that is a lot more effective. If you’re looking to farm up cash for gear, cosmetics, or general items then you’ll want […]