Temtem How to Make Money Fast (Pansun)

We’re taking a look at one of the best current money making options in Temtem! You can do your standard selling of items and battling trainers, but there’s also another way to go that is a lot more effective. If you’re looking to farm up cash for gear, cosmetics, or general items then you’ll want […]

Temtem How to Get Skates – How to Get Them Back

If you’ve reached the island of Myrisles, then you’ve no doubt encountered red ice that you can’t traverse. The Crystal Skates will alleviate this problem, and we are taking a look at how to get the skates. We are also taking a look at how to get the skates back, because there seems to be […]

How to Rename Your Temtem

It’s time to take a look at how to rename your Temtem in the game. Most players find that naming their little creatures they collect gives them a bit more of a personalized feel to them and the game itself. So, if you want to give your Temtem a name, we’ve got exactly what you […]

Temtem Tourist Question Answers

We’re taking a quick look at how to answer the questions in the tour guide side-quest you get from the Tour Operator in Arissola! You will need to give responses to them to get through the quest, so we’ve got a look at which ones you should choose to complete it! Tourist Question Answers Before […]

Temtem: How to Get Climbing Gear

Temtem’s fresh out the gate and if you just entered the game you are no doubt wondering what is the deal with those rock walls I’ve seen around the map? Well, we’re going to discuss how to climb in the game, and you are likely going to be pretty disappointed in the answer at the […]