Terraria: How to get NPCs

Terraria, at first glance, seems like quite an easy game to understand; pretty much it’s a 2D Minecraft, but as you dig deeper, no pun intended, you start to realize how in-depth Terraria really is. From finding different biomes filled with an assortment of disgusting creatures, finding Spider Caves, to finding a Mine Cart track […]

Terraria: How to make a bed

With the latest update for Terraria Journey’s End is finally out, for now… Many people are flocking back to the game to try out all the new features and acquire the new vanity contest outfits now patched in. Loads of people no doubt waited till Journey’s End was completed, or perhaps gamers have been caught […]

How to get the Princess in Terraria

The final update of the final update for Terraria has just been released; that’s right, Journey’s End 1.41 is out now! Along with it comes a plethora of bug fixes, balance changes, new achievements, and a new NPC, plus so much more! This NPC is no other than a royal Princess. How do you discover […]

Terraria: How to Fish in Lava

If you’re looking to take your angling in a different direction in Terraria, then you’re likely wondering what you’ll need to fish in lava! This method of fishing has been improved significantly in the new 1.4 Journey’s End update, so you will really want to make sure that you take advantage of this strange ability. […]