How to stop corruption in Terraria

In Terraria, there is a dangerous biome called The Corruption and can spread to other parts of your world if you don’t do something about it. How to remove corruption in Terraria To stop corruption, players will need to do one of a few things, the first of which is to use purification powder. Players can […]

How to Make a Cell Phone in Terraria

Cell Phones were introduced to Terraria for PC in version 1.3 and have since been added to the Console versions. These useful tools operate as helpful references to information about your world and character, much the same as cell phones in real life. No web-browsing, though! How to Make a Cell Phone in Terraria The […]

How to Summon All Bosses in Terraria

Terraria developer Re-Logic has been providing new and improved updates to this fantastic crafting game for years. They have never charged extra for DLC and instead provide the free updates as additional inspiration for new players to play or old players to explore new worlds. Seeing a new boss is a common situation in these […]

Best Boots in Terraria

Terraria has a special place in our hearts as gamers because the developer is so dedicated to his fans. What started as a side-scrolling knock-off of Minecraft quickly became a full-fledged game packed with shiny new content. Some of this content that made the game more fun was the newer, better, flightier boots! Best Boots in […]

Best Terraria Wings

Terraria is such an amazing title. Over the years, the about of updates and free content this game has been given has been truly awe-inspiring. Now, however, the final update is done, no more content is currently being developed for Terarria, or so they say! Best Terraria Wings Wings are one of the best additions […]