Terraria NPC Happiness Guide – How to increase NPC Happiness in Terraria

Terraria NPC happiness is a nigh invisible stat that influences a handful of useful features. The system is surprisingly detailed and finding it naturally would require having plenty of talks with your NPCs along with a mountain of trial and error. What does NPC happiness do? NPC happiness has two primary effects: It influences the […]

Best Terraria Toys and Gifts

Christmas is the best time to find that perfect something for your friends and family—and if they happen to love Terraria, then this is the perfect list! Terraria definitely doesn’t have the same slew of merchandise as other similar franchises (namely, Minecraft), but there’s certainly still some fun Terraria gifts out there to give! Terraria […]

How to download the Calamity Mod in Terraria

First off, close Terraria. You cannot directly download the Calamity mod via Terraria. Instead, search for tModLoader on Steam and install that. Now that you’ve got the right software, launch it. You’ll see that you have a few new options on the title screen. Select Mod Browser (not Mods). This will bring up a list […]

What is Master Mode in Terraria?

Terraria’s open world is a dangerous place, where monsters, the undead, bosses, and more roam the land. But once you’ve mastered Classic Mode, and Expert Mode, you’ll need a new challenge. That’s where Master Mode comes in. Master Mode is the most challenging game mode in Terraria. It’s a super-hard difficulty only for the most […]

How to Defeat All Bosses in Terraria

Building and experience. Put in the simplest way possible, the best way to make every boss in Terraria beatable is through building and experience. Building a boss arena in all the places you need to fight a boss can be a massive hassle. But if you’re having difficulty with a boss, setting up a suitable […]