How Many NPCs are in Terraria?

One of the most significant features in Terraria is the array of NPCs that provide items, services, and game-advancing events. Naturally, many players are curious to know how many NPCs are available, so they know when to stop recruiting new townsfolk. The simple answer to this is: there are 29 NPCs available in the game. […]

How to get Bottled Water in Terraria

Bottled water is one of many potion items that the player can make in Terraria, so here’s how to make it and what you will need. How to make a Bottled Water in Terraria To make bottled water, you will need two items: a bottle and a water source. So to start, if you want to […]

Best Terraria Mods

Terraria has just recently received Steamwork support, so in this list, you will find some of the best Steam Workshop for Terraria, along with a few not on Steam. The Best Terraria Mods The following are some of the best mods for the all-time classic 2d survival game Terraria. But, before we begin, as always, please make sure to read mod descriptions […]

Best Weapons in Terraria

Terraria is a sandbox game with the twist that it is action-oriented, which is definitely not the most common genre for sandbox games. This twist is an engaging one that can have players on this game for hours at a time, which is why it is not surprising that the depth of fighting strategy and […]

How to make a Rage Potion in Terraria

A Rage potion is one of many consumable items in Terraria, and this one in particular is pretty useful for getting the Rage Buff, so here’s how to make it and what you will need.  How to craft Rage Potion in Terraria In short, to make a rage potion in Terraria, you will need the following items […]