Does The Ascent support Ultrawide?

Update: From the day one patch, it seems that ultrawide is not fully supported. All it does is zoom into the screen, making it even harder to see enemies and the like, instead of your character being in the middle of the screen and be able to see most things around you. Rather, you are […]

How to fix Ultrawide/FOV issues for The Ascent

No news about an official fix coming from Neon Giant to fix the ultrawide issues for The Ascent. Instead, the community has decided to take this task upon themselves to get it fixed. From the PCGW (PC Gaming Wiki) community, User By Rose has uploaded a fix for the Field of View/ultrawide issues. This tool […]

Can you change the difficulty in The Ascent?

Update: The option to change difficulty was added in the day one patch of The Ascent. To change your difficulty, simply click Settings on the Main Menu, and then select Gameplay. In the Gameplay options, Difficulty will be the top option. Scroll through the options left to right to change it. There are three difficulties […]

How to equip Weapon Skins in The Ascent?

Update: It seems there’s a bug within the game that removes your weapons skins upon leaving the game. Luckily, the weapon skin you have equipped will always stay on your guns, until you change it. So upon quitting the game, equip the one you like the most, so it doesn’t disappear. This is a bit […]