Is Torchlight Infinite crossplay/cross platform?

Torchlight Infinite is the next installment in the Torchlight series and is being developed by XD Inc. This entry deviates from previous Torchlight games and will be free to play and multiplatform. This may have some fans wondering if Torchlight Infinite will be crossplay/cross platform. The answer is yes—Torchlight Infinite will be crossplay/cross platform. It […]

How to sign up for the Torchlight Infinite beta

The Torchlight series is a popular action RPG series and Torchlight Infinite will be the latest installment in it. While no release date has been announced, the closed beta for Torchlight Infinite will soon begin on Jan. 18. Those interested in participating in the beta may be wondering how to sign up for it. To […]

Is Torchlight Infinite free to play?

Torchlight Infinite is the next installment in the action RPG series Torchlight. This will be the fourth game in the series and is taking a bit of direction change with some of its features. However, with the other games being paid titles, some fans may be wondering how much Torchlight Infinite will cost. Torchlight Infinite […]

Torchlight 3: Can you trade?

Torchlight 3 is out of early access and is now a fully released title! However, many reviews are scathing, saying it’s very much a mobile game for a high cost of $40 a pop. Many changes have occurred from early access, and one of those things people were hoping that trading was one of them. […]