Torchlight 3: Can you trade?

Torchlight 3 is out of early access and is now a fully released title! However, many reviews are scathing, saying it’s very much a mobile game for a high cost of $40 a pop. Many changes have occurred from early access, and one of those things people were hoping that trading was one of them. […]

Torchlight 3: How to enchant items

On your journey throughout the world of Torchlight 3, no doubt, you’ll come across some consumables that can be used to enchant your items! However, the items that can be enchanted have to have enchantment slots to make this process happen. If an item does not have any slots available, then sadly, the item cannot […]

Torchlight 3: Can you change difficulty?

Torchlight 3 is all about the loot. Having an ARPG (Action Role-playing Game) without it raining loot down upon your murdering heads is weird! Now, most ARPG come with difficulty settings that change how the loot works, the higher the difficulty, the more loot, experience, gold is dropped, so it’s very much risk-reward. The best […]

Torchlight 3: How to play with friends

Torchlight 3 has finally be released, and no doubt, you are raring to go on a loot-filled adventure! What makes gaming more fun is playing with friends, and up to 4 people can join your game, so you can all go on a journey together! For those playing on PC, finding how to connect to […]