Warhammer III Announced, New factions, Cathay, Release date, Chaos Gods

Today, Creative Assembly has just announced its long-awaited third entry to the beloved Total War Warhammer series. In the final pages of this beloved series, players will witness the full horror of Chaos, as with the arrival of Warhammer III comes all four chaos gods in full force with four separate factions for each one, […]

All Races in Warhammer Total War 3 – Confirmed & Non-confirmed races

Here’s every Total War Warhammer 3 race that’s been confirmed so far, and some that will potentially be in the future.  All Confirmed Races In Warhammer Total War 3 There are six confirmed races in the newly announced Warhammer 3′ four themed around the gods of Chaos and two around the human factions Kislev and […]