How to make and use a Harpoon in Valheim

If you want to keep the sea serpent in place when hunting it, you will need to make an item called a harpoon; here’s how and what you need. How to make an Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim To make a harpoon in Valheim, you will need the following materials and a level two workbench. Eight […]

How to craft Frost Arrows in Valheim

Frost arrows are a powerful arrow type in Valheim that is vital for fighting certain bosses; here’s how to craft them and what resources you will need. How to make Frost Arrows in Valheim To make frost arrows in Valheim, you will need the following resources below, along with a level workbench. Eight Wood Four Obsidian Two Feathers One […]

How to recover and back up your game in Valheim

Valheim currently has a terrifying bug that deletes some player’s worlds and characters, but luckily you can avoid this terrible fate by backing up your game; here’s what you need to do and how to do it.  How to back up your game in Valheim To back up your game, you will need to find the game’s […]