Valheim Update & Patch Notes (May 2021)

Here are the patch notes for the most recent update for Valheim, and everything it entails.  Valheim Update & Patch Notes  The following is everything the recent updates and patch notes for Valheim added or changed. We will also keep this list updated with all future changes and updates for the game in the upcoming years […]

Valheim Future Update Plans – Roadmap

Valheim has a steady flow of updates that are planned to come out at some point in the future. We’ve got all the details right here. Full Valheim Roadmap and Planned Updates  In total, there are four planned and named content updates for Valheim coming at some point in the future, as detailed by PC Gamer. […]

How to breed Lox in Valheim

You can breed wolves and boars in Valheim, but can you tame a lox? How to breed Lox in Valheim If you were wondering how to breed a lox in Valheim, you can’t just yet; you can tame them though, so there is a chance you might be able to breed them in a feature […]

How to destroy items in Valheim

At some point, you will find yourself with a lot of materials you no longer have a use for in Valheim; it’s unavoidable, and luckily, you can do a few things to destroy items in Valheim to fix this problem.  How to remove useless items in Valheim In short, to destroy items in Valheim, you have to throw them […]