Can I use a USB headset on the PSVR?

While the PlayStation VR does come with a pair of in-ear earphones, games are much more immersive with a dedicated headset. And chances are, you own a USB one. After all, USB headsets process sound through their sound system, so their audio is clearer and crisper. Most of them are also built with surround sound. […]

Can you use your PSVR on the PS5?

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) is Sony’s virtual reality headset that was developed for the PlayStation 4 back in 2016. It can run over 600 VR-compatible games on the console, including blockbuster titles like Hitman 3, Resident Evil 7, and Borderlands 2. But now that the PlayStation 5 is here, will the PSVR properly work with […]

Best PSVR games

If you own a PS4 or a PS5, then you’ll be glad to know that these consoles aren’t just good for running standard video games. By purchasing a PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset, you get access to an entire library of virtual reality (VR) titles, from first-person shooters to immersive Western RPGs. Below are some of […]

Best Oculus Quest Games

Between the drops in prices for hardware and the increased support for the system, virtual reality (VR) is now more accessible than ever. This is especially true for the Oculus Quest, an independent VR gaming system that needs no PC or console to run its games. But with hundreds of games for you to try, […]