How to get Subscribers fast in Youtubers Life 2

Since becoming a world-famous Youtuber is the main goal of Youtubers Life 2, gaining more subscribers is very important. It is not hard to get subscribers. But getting them fast requires some strategy. Trends Trends are arguably the most important part of your videos performing well. This is because your videos both have the embedded […]

How to Dance in Youtubers Life 2

There are many things you can do in Youtubers Life 2, from taking Instalife pictures to collecting recycling. But what about dancing? There are two ways you can dance in the game, one being a lot easier than the other. Enter a Dance Challenge On days where you see the Dance Challenge hashtag trend, you […]

How to Get Bronze League in Youtubers Life 2

If you’ve seen the quest that pops up in your game asking you to achieve Bronze League, you may be wondering what that’s all about. Luckily, it’s pretty straightforward and relatively easy to achieve. Subscriber Count for League & Plaque Bronze League is the first major milestone for a content creator in Youtubers Life 2. […]