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The best DBD Killers that will never happen

Or will they?

Future Killers are a big topic of discussion among the Dead by Daylight community. However, some are entirely unrealistic, while others are not so much. Here's our list of the best DBD killers that will probably never happen.

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Most unrealistic Killers to join Dead by Daylight

We all want our favorite killers from movies or other video games to join the fog. Some are, sadly, more unrealistic than others. Reddit has started a discussion on this topic with a pretty surprising and amusing entry, Otzdarva.

Jason (Friday 13th)

The community has been asking for Jason for years, and people still think we will never get him. However, with the copyright legal battle over Jason now complete, the chances of getting the iconic Camp Crystal Lake Killer are higher than ever.

There are speculations that Jason himself will be the one Licensed Killer coming to Dead by Daylight in March 2025. Considering how many franchises have been collaborating with Behaviour Interactive (DnD, Castlevania, Alan Wake, etc.), the logical step would be to bring in Jason. Fingers crossed that we aren't being delusional about it and actually get him.

Chris Walker (Outlast)

At first, I looked at Chris Walker as a Killer suggestion with doubt. Don't get me wrong, I love Chris and Outlast, but he just seems like such an M1 Killer to me. There are plenty of good M1 Killers without the addition of a new one.

However, I kept thinking more about it, and there is actually a cool power I'd love to see. Just like with the Nightmare Realm of Freddy, Chris could put the players in Darkness (something similar to the Lights Out modifier when you could barely see two steps ahead of you).

The only way to get out of this mode is to use a camera's Night Vision (with cameras found in special chests). That way, you'd be able to apply an iconic gameplay mechanic from Outlast and really enhance the scare factor of Chris and his jingling chains. Of course, this would need significant tweaking to actually make it playable.

Other characters I'd love to see from Outlast are Eddie Gluskin and Frank the Cannibal, though their mechanics would probably clash with Dredge and Bubba. Honestly, it might be for the best. Frank is one of the scariest characters I've ever seen; I've had enough of him in Whistleblower.

The Nun (The Conjuring)

Valak (or the Nun) would definitely be a great addition to the DBD realm, but I would probably be too scared to even play against it. I still experience fear when going against Sadako.

Slenderman (Slenderman)

Slenderman seems like the most unrealistic Killer to pull off in DBD just because of his core mechanic, which is to look away from him. I'm not sure exactly how you'd implement that kind of gameplay. We do have the mechanic of looking directly at a Killer (breaking out Ghost Face, for example).

Maybe they could make it so that his power recharges any time someone looks at him. When it is charged, similar to Michael Myers or the Oni, the Slenderman could go for a one-hit down. It could be pretty scary if he were executed properly, but it is definitely one difficult endeavor.

Springtrap (Five Nights at Freddy's)

FNAF's Springtrap has so many jumpscares at his disposal. When it comes to his gameplay, the best fit would be something similar to the Pig. Springtrap fits the stealth Killer type, while he can also grab Survivors and put them in suits, just like Saw Traps.

While a collaboration between such major horror games would be amazing, they would have to figure out something better than making him a copy of The Pig. FNAF characters are very beloved, so adding this Killer to the roster would take a lot of careful planning from the developers to not disappoint any of the fans.

Ryuuk (Death Note)

While Ryuuk is a very creepy guy, considering he is a Reaper, we all know he was just there to be entertained. The real Killer of Death Note is Yagami Light. And if I were to see Light chasing me across the map in his school uniform, I'd honestly die laughing.

As mentioned, Ryuuk isn't the one who does any of the killings, which is why I can't even think of a good Killer mechanic for him. Instead of throwing hatchets or blades like Huntress and Trickster, he could throw apples at the Survivors. We've had stabbings and shootings and a lot of hooks, it would be a novel experience to die from a concussion because someone threw an apple at your head.

Otzdarva (Streamer)

We can all agree that if Otzdarva (one of the most popular DBD streamers) were to join the game as a Killer, there would be no more winning for the Survivors. The entire community knows that he would be too OP and would have to be nerfed almost instantly.

Jokes aside, Otz really does have the hours and in-depth knowledge of the game to be extremely scary and tough to beat. He also has a penchant for really long videos explaining every little bit of DBD.

This is extremely useful for both beginners and veterans of the game. However, I'd love to see a Mori from Otz that just includes him talking to you about an Add-on tier list for five hours. It would be scary, educational, hilarious, and painful all at once.

Vendigo (Until Dawn)

A sound-based Killer with limited vision would be extremely fun to me, but I don't know how much everyone else would enjoy it. I think this type of Killer would work great with an in-game voice chat, which allows you to get notified any time a Survivor makes a sound over the microphone.

However, Dead by Daylight doesn't have an in-game voice chat, nor are there plans to implement it. The point of DBD is to feel alone even while working with teammates. Being able to talk with others in a match would ruin that (even though people often play on Discord in SWF). Making a sound over voice chat, especially at high sensitivity, and notifying the Killer of your location would be terrifying.

Another sound-based Killer could be a Clicker from The Last of Us. Similar to the Nemesis, this killer could have several regular zombies that spawn in with them.

Monster House (Monster House)

This is my big 'hear me out' moment. The concept of a living and breathing house that is out to get you while you are stuck inside is petrifying. This way, the developers don't actually have to work on separate killers and maps because you get a two-in-one.

The House could be controlled from inside the walls, making it an entity that moves from place to place, following the survivors, looking at them through portraits, attacking them with knight armor, etc. Maybe I've watched too much Scooby Doo, but this seems like a great idea to me. I've thrown it out there, now it's Behaviour's turn to realize it (which will never happen, but one can dream).

Nea Karlsson (Dead by Daylight)

It has been a running joke for many years that Nea (one of the Survivors) could actually be playing on the side of the Killers. I would love to see them make that change, at least in a Modifier like Chaos Shuffle, if not in the regular queue.

The funniest thing would be to give her the same exact Perks she has as a Survivor but add a weapon to the mix. With her Balanced Landing perk, her Mori could be shoving someone off the first floor. Not everyone lands on their feet like Nea.

If you want to know what the best load-outs are for the Killers that are already in the game, check out the Dead by Daylight Killer perk tier list on Pro Game Guides.

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The best DBD Killers that will never happen

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