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All weapon upgrades in Dead Space Remake and how to get them

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Every weapon in Dead Space Remake will have various upgrades that can either be purchased or must have their upgrade schematic picked up and brought to a Bench. They are located throughout the Ishimura, with some requiring different clearance levels and access to areas only accessible when going through the main story. Acquiring some upgrades will require players to do the Side Missions in the game as well as several upgrades are locked behind doors that require the Master Override. These are all the weapon upgrade locations in Dead Space Remake.

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Where to find all Weapon Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Every weapon players acquire will have one upgrade available for purchase at the Shop; the rest require the schematics to be found and brought to the Bench. These are every weapon's upgrades divided by each chapter they are found.

All Chapter 2 Weapon Upgrades

Located in the Ishimura Clinic, the first upgrade for the Plasma Cutter Cartridge Pack can be found on a bench. Players can also purchase the first Suit Upgrade when visiting the Shop at this time.

All Chapter 3 Weapon Upgrades

Four weapons can be brought to the Shop during the chapter to get their upgrades. This chapter also features the Centrifuge Puzzle. These upgrades are:

  • Heat Accumulator - Plasma Cutter Upgrade for 11,000 Credits.
  • Kinetic Autoloader - Pulse Rifle Upgrade for 11,000 Credits.
  • Ricochet Tracer - Ripper Upgrade for 11,000 Credits.
  • Gellified Hydrazine - Flamethrower Upgrade for 11,000 Credits.

All Chapter 4 Weapon Upgrades

When trying to reroute the power from Electrical Systems, a room can be found in the center that is locked. An open window will let players move boxes around until they can fire at the door lock to get the P.C.S.I. Custom Magazine Upgrade for the Pulse Rifle.

In the same chapter, the Contact Beam can be found, and when brought, the Store will allow the Supersymmetry Tether Upgrade to be purchased for 12,000 Credits.

All Chapter 5 Weapon Upgrades

Players will find the Line Gun during the chapter, which can be brought back to the Shop to unlock the Ionized Capacitor Upgrade for 11,500 Credits.

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All Chapter 6 Weapon Upgrades

In the hallway where Isaac has to time himself to get through the machinery spitting out corrosion near Flow Control, the first door on the left will have a Ripper Upgrade called the Angeled Launcher. The room is named B Andonov - Flow Supervisor.

Later in the chapter, players will acquire the Force Gun and when brought to the Shop, the upgrade Subsonic Oscillator can be purchased for 12,000 Credits. These can all be found before the Leviathan fight of the chapter.

All Chapter 7 Weapon Upgrades

When activating Zero-G in Mining because of the broken gondola, a room to the far left can be found with the Flamethrower Upgrade. The room is marked Utility Room and has the Macroliter Fuel Tank inside.

All Chapter 8 Weapon Upgrades

On the way to deploy the antenna, players can find the Weighted Blades Plasma Cutter Upgrade inside the Maintenance Locker Room. This is found by opening the door directly forward rather than heading further into the Communications Hub.

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All Chapter 10 Weapon Upgrades

By Chapter 10 players can finish their Side Missions. Following the You Are Not Authorized mission, players will unlock the Master Override. From the Bridge, the Master Override door can be found in Water Purification leading to the storage room where the High-Yield Grenades Pulse Rifle Upgrade can be found inside one of the lockers.

In Hydroponics, another Master Override door can be found near the Central Hub and the Tram Station. Inside the door, a box can be found with the Line Gun upgrade for Precision Lasers.

In Mining, as soon as players reach the Deck they should see some crates that can be slid along a track using Kinesis. Past them is another Master Override door with a chest inside containing the Diffraction Module Contact Beam Upgrade.

In Engineering, players can go through the Preparation Room to get to the Machine Shop. A Master Override chest inside will contain the Carbon-Fiber Blades Upgrade for the Ripper.

In Medical players can go to the Main Lab to reach a room called Bioprosthetics Locker Room that can be opened with level 3 clearance. The upgrade for the Contact Beam will be on the bench called the Portable Heliotron.

Another upgrade can be found by going to Lab Storage found between Cryogenics and the Chemical Lab. Inside a crate, the Photo Energizer Line Gun Upgrade can be found.

Following the Main Mission in Crew Quarters, the Gravitic Amplifier Force Gun Upgrade can be found in the Guest Consultant's Suites. This opens up after destroying the second tendril in the Deluxe Quarters.

The High-Pressure Nozzle Upgrade for the Flamethrower can be found in the Deluxe Shift Bunks. When in the Deluxe Quiet Bunks, players have to move the battery to the circuit breaker and enable the doors. Going back outside and into the bunks to the right, a Master Override chest can be found with the upgrade inside.

All Chapter 11 Weapon Upgrades

The final upgrade is for the Force Gun and can be found inside a Master Override chest within Cargo Bay. It'll be against the wall and once players pick up the Suspension Module Upgrade and bring it back to a Bench, they will receive the Built To Order trophy/achievement.

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All weapon upgrades in Dead Space Remake and how to get them

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