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Eyes up, Guardian.

Since Destiny 2 released in 2017, the live-service loot shooter has experienced many face lifts over the years. Across its development, Bungie broke away from Activision, went free-to-play, vaulted old content and remixed classic raids—all of which serves both the developer and in-game narrative. In the game's current state, Bungie adopted the seasonal model that many live-service games implemented to ensure frequent content rollouts, with every new season advancing the game's mechanics, features, and storyline.

Year One: Destiny 2

Red War

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 exploded on the scene in 2017 with the Red War, the first campaign that saw every guardian fighting for survival against Ghaul, the commander of the Cabal Red Legion. Red War introduced new patrol zones like Titan, Nessus, and Io, along with the game's first raid, Leviathan. Although this content eventually went free-to-play for all players, Bungie has since vaulted all Red War content as of the Beyond Light expansion. There is always the possibility Red War returns as remixed content at a later date.

Curse of Osiris

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The first Destiny 2 DLC released in Dec. 2017, not long after the events of Red War concluded. Curse of Osiris introduced the patrol zone Mercury, along with a new story campaign consisting of eight story missions that pit guardians against the Vex and developed the relationship between Osiris and Ikora Rey. Bungie has since vaulted all Curse of Osiris content as of the Beyond Light expansion, with the possibility of returning as remixed content at a later date.


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Months after Curse of Osiris came the Warmind expansion in May 2018. This story DLC focused on Anastasia Bray's attempt to reconnect with the Warmind Rasputin in order to defeat the Hive Worm god Xol, Will of the Thousands. Warmind, while not content-heavy overall, has since been vaulted as of the Beyond Light expansion, with the possibility of returning as remixed content at a later date.

Year Two: Forsaken

Forsaken (Season of the Outlaw)

Image via Bungie

Year Two kicked off in Sept. 2018 with the Destiny 2 expansion Forsaken, which saw the immediate death of Cayde-6, an iconic character that hailed all the way back to the original Destiny. From there, the Guardian hunted down the Barons of the Scorn (a brand new enemy type) and Uldren Sov, in a thrilling revenge story. Additional new content included the Tangled Shore and Deaming City patrol zones, the Gambit game mode, the Combat Bow weapon type, and additional weapon system reworking.

Season of the Forge

Image via Bungie

Light on story content, Season of the Forge Destiny 2 DLC introduced the Black Armory, a large vault protected by Ada-1. Meanwhile the Kell's Scourge leader (an offshoot of the Fallen) attempted a break-in, and it was up to the Guardian to prevent this from happening. Season of the Forge, released in 2018, was the first seasonal content that Bungie structured between annual expansion drops that continue to release every Fall. The Black Armory has since been vaulted as of the Beyond Light expansion, with the possibility of returning as remixed content at a later date.

Season of the Drifter

Image via Bungie

Season of the Drifter launched in May 2019, placing Gambit front and center with an updated mode called Gambit Prime that relied more on team strategy and cooperation. Lore was lightly touched upon in this Destiny 2 DLC that concerned the Nine and their status in the universe, with an additional PVE activity called the Reckoning thrown into the mix. The seasonal narrative has since been vaulted as of the Beyond Light expansion.

Season of Opulence

Image via Bungie

The last seasonal content of Destiny 2 Year Two DLC was Season of Opulence, which went live in June 2019. The Crown of Sorrow raid and the Menagerie game mode took center stage during this season, which encouraged replayability for grinding rewards. Although Calus, the Cabal emperor, has proved a thorn in the Guardian's side, players worked together to gain the Chalice of Opulence, an in-game item that helped players unlock more loot. Another limited-time event called Solstice of Heroes took place during Season of Opulence that encouraged players to grind for Year Two Solstice Armor. Many elements of Season of Opulence like the Menagerie and the seasonal narrative have since been vaulted as of the Beyond light expansion.

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Year Three: Shadowkeep

Shadowkeep (Season of the Undying)

Image via Bungie

The Destiny 2 expansion in Year Three took players back to the Moon, a fan-favorite patrol zone from the original Destiny. Nightmares have sprung from the Moon's shadows and Eris Morn calls upon the Guardians for assistance against a long dormant power. Throughout the campaign, players encounter shadow demons of old familiar bosses like Crota, Dominus Ghaul, and Taniks. This expansion, released in Oct. 2019, also brought fourth the Garden of Salvation raid, the Pit of Heresy dungeon, and nine additional supers across the three main player classes.

Season of the Undying launched alongside Shadowkeep upon release. This season introduced the Seasonal Artifact, a new mechanic that players receive at the start of every season. Moreover, the Seasonal Artifact helps players unlock weapon and armor mods while providing a power bonus.

Season of Dawn

Image via Bungie

Launched in Dec. 2019, Season of Dawn sent the Guardian back to Mercury to aid Osiris against another Red Legion fallout. Along the way, players met Saint-14, one of the most famous Titan Exos who is brought to the present after the Guardian used the Sundial item. Bungie also expanded upon the seasonal content framework with a Free Track of seasonal rank rewards players earn by gaining experience. A Premium Track with more consistent rewards was also implemented in this Destiny 2 DLC, which was available as a Season Pass for $9.99. Bungie has since adopted this premium format for each season, which also grants access to weekly story missions and additional content.

Season of the Worthy

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Marking the 10th season of Destiny 2 DLC expansions, Season of the Worthy launched in March 2020. The Cabal continued wreaking havoc across the galaxy, causing Commander Zavala, Anastasia Bray, and Rasputin to recruit the Guardian from preventing a deadly crash against the Last City. Bungie also brought back Trials of Osiris, the competitive team game mode that tests each player's endgame skills. This season introduced Legendary Lost Sectors on EDZ & the Moon, and also the Guardian Games, an annual class competition where Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks prove themselves most worthy.

Season of Arrivals

Image via Bungie

Mysterious pyramids emerged from the darkness in Season of Arrivals, which released in June 2019. Most notable within this Destiny 2 DLC was the new Prophecy dungeon that balanced the forces of light and dark. Umbral Engrams were also introduced in this season, which allow players more freedom to focus the type of gear, stats, and perks received on a reward's roll. Season of Arrivals also marked one of the first global events in Destiny 2, where players conglomerated the Tower and watched as the Traveller healed itself in the sky.

Year Four: Beyond Light

Beyond Light (Season of the Hunt)

Image via Bungie

The third major Destiny 2 expansion launched in Nov. 2020 with Beyond Light. The story campaign revealed the villain behind the ancient Pyramid Ships—Eramis, the Fallen Kell of Darkness. The balance of good vs. evil finally turned grey as the Guardian embraced the Darkness in order to stop Eramis's empire at all costs. With the Darkness embraced, so too brought forth the new Stasis subclass, a dark power that freezes enemies (and infuriates Crucible players). Other new additions include the Europa patrol zone and the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Meanwhile, the Guardian worked with the Crow during Season of the Hunt, a mysterious figure who was revealed as none other than Uldren Sov returned from the dead, memory wiped clean of his previous actions.

This expansion served as one of the hardest resets for the game, one that saw tons of old content vaulted and stored outside of the game, a developer decision that saw mixed results from the player community.

Season of the Chosen

Image via Bungie

Unfortunately, the events of Beyond Light did not completely eliminate the Pyramid Ships that continue destabilizing the system. As a result, Empress Caiatl, leader of the Cabal and daughter of Calus, requested an alliance with Zavala. As is the way with Guardian/Cabal negotiations, the meeting devolved into a firefight. And so, the Guardians created the HELM, a Vanguard War Table that ensures immediate response against those threatening the galaxy, ala Avengers-assemble style. The Season of the Chosen Destiny 2 DLC went live in Feb. 2021.

Season of the Splicer

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Released in May 2021, Season of the Splicer sees the Guardian work with Mithraz, the iconic Fallen Kell, to thwart Vex technology that poses an unknown danger. Now its own dedicated location above the Tower on the Destinations map, the HELM developed into more than just a Vanguard War Table. Season of the Splicer also re-introduced the Vault of Glass, a classic raid from the original Destiny. Throughout the season, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are available, along with the return of Solstice of Heroes in July 2021. This Destiny 2 DLC ends on Aug. 10, 2021.

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Year Five: The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen is the next major Destiny 2 expansion. Although annual expansions typically release in the follow, Bungie has delayed The Witch Queen to early 2022 to ensure the game's quality and the wellbeing of Bungie's staff. Beyond the antagonist most likely being Sauvathun, little else is known about The Witch Queen expansion.

Year Six: Lightfall

Lightfall is the current working title of Destiny 2 Year Six. Little else is known about this expansion beyond a 2022 release date.

We'll be updating this page with the most recent Destiny 2 DLCs and Expansions, so be sure to check back with Pro Game Guides for a continued overview of the game's content.

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