How to unlock Belle and Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Welcome Belle and Beast to your village!

Even after unlocking Vanellope in the last update, you should still have plenty of room for more exciting characters to join. With the Enchanted Adventure update, you will certainly have two more favorites to welcome in: Belle and Beast. Here's how you can unlock them from their realm and complete their quests so they feel welcome!

How to unlock the Beauty and the Beast Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To unlock the Beauty and the Beast Realm, you'll need to head to the Dreamlight Castle and go up to the third floor. The door is covered by Nighthorns, and you'll need to spend Dreamlight to unlock it. It will cost you 12,500 Dreamlight. You can earn Dreamlight by completing different Dreamlight Tasks in your menu.

Disney Dreamlight Valley "Into the West Wing!" Quest Guide

Once you enter the Beauty and the Beast realm, you can start the quest, "Into the West Wing," and work toward unlocking Belle and Beast for your village. Follow the flying book to find Belle in the Library. First, you'll need to collect all the flying books in the library.

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There are five books total; all you have to do to collect them is chase after them and press on them as the sparkles appear when you're close enough. Then you can give them to Belle.

After that, Belle will ask for your help in fixing things with Beast after their fight. You'll first need to repair the ladder to open the secret passageway so you can reach him.

How to repair ladder in the Library in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are six pieces total for the ladder, spread around the library. You'll see them sparkling, and you can interact with them to pick them up. Then, head to the right corner of the room where the broken ladder frame is and place all the pieces into it.

Now, the secret passageway will open, and you'll see the curtain that leads into the room where Beast is. However, to get inside, you'll need a disguise. Belle will help you put one together, but you'll need to collect a few items to make it.

How to create a Candlestick Disguise in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You'll need the following items for your disguise:

  • Castle Candles x4
  • Candle Holder x1
  • Golden Curtain x1

You'll find a few pieces right there in the library, but the others are spread around the castle. Use the images above to help find them. You'll find some in the garden, the hall by the lion statues, and the main hall with the piano. Once you have them all, return to Belle, and she'll give the Candlestick Disguise to change into in your Wardrobe menu.

Once you have your disguise, you will be able to enter the room where you'll find Beast. After discussing the situation with Beast, return to Belle. She'll ask for your help in creating a new painting to help cheer him up. You'll first need to consult with Merlin, where he'll help you create an Enchanted Canvas.

How to make an Enchanted Canvas in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To make the Enchanted Canvas, you'll need the following materials at the Crafting Table:

  • Softwood x12
  • Fiber x8
  • Dream Shards x4
  • White Daisies x3
  • Garnet x2

After you craft it, head back to Belle, where she'll think of a fond memory the Beast and her shared and create a beautiful new masterpiece to display on the wall.

Now that this quest is complete, you must complete one more quest for Beast to help convince him to come to the Valley. You'll now start the "A Prince in Disguise" quest.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley "A Prince in Disguise" Quest Guide

Beast will now ask for your help in giving some gifts to Belle to seek her forgiveness. You'll need to find the hidden pieces of the key to unlock the chest in the Beast's room. These pieces are hidden around the castle in different spots, which you can find by solving these little riddles:

  • Hidden in a hot place
  • Hidden in a place where silence roars
  • Hidden in a thorny place

How to find the key piece hidden in a hot place in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You'll find this key piece hidden in the fireplace in the library where you first found Belle. To get it, use your watering can to put out the fire, and you can collect the piece.

How to find the key piece hidden in a place where silence roars in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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This key piece is hidden within the lion statue just outside of Beast's room, leading toward the castle's main entrance. Use your pickaxe to break the statue and collect the piece.

Where to find the key piece hidden in a thorny place in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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This key piece is found in the garden buried near the rose bushes. Use your shovel to dig up the golden spot on the ground, and you'll see the key piece fall out for you to grab.

Once you have all three key pieces, return to Beast, and he'll put them back together and allow you to unlock the chest behind him to receive the magical mirror. However, Beast wants to put together another gift for Belle to help apologize.

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How to make a Book Set in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To make the Book Set for Beast, you'll need to have the following materials:

  • Fiber x20
  • Purple Falling Penstemons x3
  • Empty Vial x1
  • Scrooge McDuck's Feather x1

You'll get the items you need from around the Valley, minus the feather which you can collect by speaking to Scrooge in his shop. Once you have the materials, use a Crafting Table to make the Book Set. Then, return to Beast with it.

You'll have one more step before Beast's apology. You must help him clean up so he is in a suitable appearance to see Belle. You'll need to locate his brush, cologne, and shampoo.

Where to find Beast's Brush, Princely Cologne, and Princely Shampoo in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You'll find Beasts' Brush in the chest near the doorway, the Princely Cologne on the side table beside him, and the Princely Shampoo near the bathtub in the corner of the room. Once you have all these items, you'll be able to help get Beast ready for his apology. Then, follow him to confront Belle.

After Beast's apology, Belle will be ready to return to the Valley, but you'll need to place their house somewhere in the Village first. You can place it down anywhere you like through the Furniture menu. However, building with Scrooge McDuck will cost you 20,000 Star Coins. You can earn some quick Star Coins by selling some Gems from the mine or other items you no longer need.

Once the house is placed, Belle will be welcomed into the Valley. Head back to the Beauty and the Beast realm to give a letter to Beast telling him it's safe for him to come as well. Now you'll have both characters in your Valley, ready to start building Friendships!

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How to unlock Belle and Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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