Dying Light Docket Codes (August 2022)

Dying Light is a first-person open-world survival horror game with zombies. During the day, you’ll gather supplies necessary for survival in an apocalyptic world. But when the night comes, be prepared for brutal undead attacks. To survive this, you’ll have to be ready for anything, and that’s where Dying Light Docket codes come into play. […]

Dying Light 2 Bloody Summer Event is Live – How to earn Seasonal Rewards

Dying Light 2’s Bloody Summer event tasks players with completing a set of objectives to earn seasonal awards. One of these objectives tasks the Dying Light 2 community with banding together to meet a goal of three Million dismembered limbs. To meet this massive goal, players must dismember both Bandits and Infected enemies in Dying […]

Everything in Update 1.4.0 of Dying Light 2 – Chapters, Bounties, and other features

The first update of the five years of pre-release content has arrived for Dying Light 2 with Update 1.4.0. Update 1.4.0 adds a new chapter system with players assisting an old Nightrunner called Harper. Players will assist Harper by completing new daily and weekly bounties as part of the new chapter system. But bounties are […]

How to use Photomode in Dying Light 2

In short, all you have to do to use Photomode in Dying Light 2 is open the Pause menu. At the Pause Menu, you can enable Photomode by clicking on the option listed under Online Menu. Once Photomode is enabled, you can take various screenshots with an array of filters and customization options. If you […]