Best armor in Dying Light 2

There are many different ways to build Aiden up to your playstyle in Dying Light 2. This list provides a detailed breakdown of some of the best armor pieces you can use for your build. There are four different classes of gear in Dying Light: brawler, tank, medic, and ranger. Our breakdown will help you […]

Best Weapons in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, there are thousands of weapons you can pick up and modify to suit your playstyle. These weapons can make Aiden own the regions of Old Villedor and the Central Loop. The better the weapon, the quicker you will take down a Biter. There are a ton of weapons that you will pick up […]

Where to find all Graffiti locations in Dying Light 2

Across the giant world and various territories of Dying Light 2, there are 70 different pieces of graffiti for players to find decorating Villedor. Although the world extends pretty far, players will only find different graffiti within the territories of Houndfield, Trinity, Horseshoe, Quarry End, Downtown, The Wharf, New Dawn Park, Muddy Ground, Saint Paul […]